Sunday, April 1, 2012

aku rasa bahagia itu .

hye April ! two more months to go to celebrate our birthdays! i'm so excited . *giggles* today was a kick start for this month when i got two pairs of skinny jeans . i love those skinny jeans . it suits me well . i don't look fat wearing those skinny jeans even though i'm getting fat already. hew hew hew !

(: my Mr.April :)

he surprised me by buying a guitar . i never expected him to buy me the guitar , that's why i was so speechless and i can't stop calling him , and looking at him . tak percaya gitu . duk panggil 'sayang sayang sayang' macam orang gagap and mati kutu nak cakap apa . sumpah aku macam terharu and tak tahu how to react . nak je aku melompat dalam kereta tu . haha .

(: LOVE AA :)

when i got back home , aku yang excited nie terus bukak kotak tu . sekali lagi aku macam terharu and speechless bila aku tengok ada tulisan and signature dia kat atas guitar tu . sumpah, aku rasa macam terbang terbang . HAHA . may many happy returns in the future ! thanks sayang . :)

(: i love you more  :)

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