Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stalkers are caring ;)

It's funny how people can be so bersungguh to interfere other people's privacy . Don't you have your own life to take care of ? Pathetic much . It's okayy . Give them what they want to hear . Show them what they want to see . After all , we won't rugi anything right ? Cuma rasa agak serabut je . But it's okayy ! Senyum je sebab ada orang yang sayang kita sangat sangat sampai semua benda pasal kita dia nak ambil tahu ;) we should appreciate them you know . Hihi . Hugs and kisses to our stalkers out there ! ;)


  1. Hohohoho
    stalkers adalah peminat sejati
    sbb smua bnda dia amik tau

  2. Hihi. Tahu tak pe! We should be proud if we ada stalkers . Hargai usaha mereka nak cari tahu cerita kita . Huahuahua